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What is microlearning and how can it be used?

Microlearning is a term that has become increasingly popular during the last years as operations, HR and training teams are trying to tackle shorter attention spans, the need to reach out on mobile devices, and the fact that knowledge and information content need to be updated ever frequently.

What is microlearning?

Microlearning is short nuggets packaged with information and knowledge that can be taken in just a few minutes. Contrary to a long e-learning course, you can take a microlearning nugget whenever you have 5 minutes over, or, whenever the need for the information/knowledge is needed. The purpose of a microlearning nugget is that they should be clearly focused on explaining and giving tips around a single topic, situation, or scenario.

Typical formats to use when creating microlearning:

what is microlearning?
When is microlearning suitable?

Since the microlearning formats are so diverse they can be used whenever you have a situation where you want to effectively and equally push out new information and knowledge to one person or thousands of people.

Typical situations where microlearning can be used:

microcourse content template
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