We make digital learning easy.

One tool to easily create, share and take part in microlearning, guides and checklists. We adapt our plans to your needs.

Vi gör digitalt
lärande lätt

Ett verktyg för att enkelt skapa, dela och ta del av microlearning, guider och checklistor. Vi anpassar våra lösningar efter era behov.

It should be easy to teach & learn!

Knowledge sharing should be easy for both the creator and the recipient. On our platform, you can quickly build everything from onboarding to short training courses. Our focus on ease of use means that the entire company can easily use the platform.

An easier way to knowledge sharing


With our pre-made templates and drag & drop functions, it is easy and fast to build content according to your needs.​​


When you're ready, you can easily share the content via QR, link sharing and add to the relevant knowledge hub. There is also the option to openly share to people without an account.​


Get an overview of what the participants have finished and see how the content has performed. This way you can optimize your content.​

”Skillboost has made it very easy for us to reach and engage people in the organisation.”

Anneli Bjöersdorff | Education Manager

AniCura uses Skillboost to get new knowledge and information out of the organization faster. They also create knowledge hubs based on different topics to give experts in the organization areas where they can share their skills and experiences with other colleagues.

AniCura is a leading player in animal care. Today, it has over 12,000 employees spread across over 450 clinics around Europe.



79 € per month
  • 3 Boosters
  • 250 users
  • Unlimited content


189 € per month
  • 3 boosters
  • 750 users
  • API access
  • SSO
  • Dedicated support


260€ per month
  • 5 boosters
  • 750 users
  • API access
  • SSO
  • Dedicated support
  • Workflows

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Inte riktigt övertygad?

Läs mer om microlearning. Ett enkelt och effektivt sätt att dela kunskap inom och utanför organisationen.

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