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The future of e-learning.

We all know the chaos of trying to organize and deliver qualitative e-learning and instructional content. It is hard to create good-looking informative content, several stakeholders are involved, your organization is using multiple different platforms and by the time you finally launch your masterpiece, the content is almost irrelevant.

As a result, organizations are spending an average of $8.000-36.000 and over 180 hours to create just 1 hour of content. There has to be a better way to work with this, it is time for change. That is why we created Skillboost.

Skillboost is an e-learning productivity platform that keeps all your projects, content and data organized in an intuitive workspace that empowers you and your team to create, deliver and maintain more, qualitative, knowledge content, in less time.

This is your new e-learning workspace!
Be in control

The plan view keeps your projects synced. Collaborate with SME's and stakeholders, organize workload, manage tasks and follow up on the progress you and your team are making in the production process.

Create anything

The collaborative canvas, editor and vast library of customizable templates allows you to create engaging and responsive content in minutes, no matter what e-learning experience you want to create or for what device.

Share anywhere

Share your content in multiple different ways without losing the possibility to do real time updates and track engagement. Share directly to people inside Skillboost or take advantage of the channels and applications your target groups are already using.

Track & measure

Make informed decisions with powerful, real-time insights into how your content is being used by your different audiences. Get overview reports, track individual user progress and see where and how your content is creating value for your business.

Keep content relevant

Alerts, insights and reminders makes it a breeze to keep your content updated and relevant for months and years after its initial version was created.

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Are you ready for a new and more efficient way of sharing knowledge and information digitally? Let’s take the step and become more productive, together.