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What Skillboost brings to your business


Quickly create everything from courses to presentations, manuals, tutorials, or checklists.


Provide your team with a central and organized place to quickly find knowledge and information.

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Reach out with knowledge and information exactly when and where it is needed.

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Save time by automating any workflow such as content sharing, revisions and daily tasks.

What your business will experience


Smoother and faster onboarding of new employees.


Assurance that everyone works according to the same processes.


Less time spent on searching for relevant knowledge and information.


Integrated and continuous learning in the flow of work.

Social zense is using skillboost

As we expand our agency in multiple locations it has become increasingly important that we have a central hub where all team members can not only access training, but information about processes, what we are doing, and how to do it - Skillboost is that hub.

Mattias Persson
Founder & CEO – Social Zense

Onboard new colleagues

Make sure that each person gets a qualitative start and introduction to your business by creating a personalized onboarding.

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Support in the workflow

Support people in their workflow by converting daily operating procedures and processes into searchable guides and checklists.

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Train and upskill

Train and certify people at scale with digital courses, microlearning nuggets, and academies.

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Share experiences

Empower subject matter experts to help each other by sharing what they know, what they do, and how they do it.

Learn and level up Maria

I can highly recommend Skillboost if you want to engage subject matter experts and the organization in creating and sharing content.

Maria Karlsson
Founder – Learn & Level Up

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Skillboost - a home for all your knowledge