Learning in the flow of work with Skillboost

Integrating learning in the flow of work

The concept of “Learning in the flow of work” may sound complexed and complicated to approach, but the fact is that most of us are doing it in some way or the other on a daily basis, even if we may not think about it. We are searching on Google, watching Youtube videos, asking and learning from colleagues. To implement learning in the flow of work as a strategy in your business simply means that you are making the right relevant knowledge and information easily accessible directly where work is happening. It can be as easy as a checklist, a quick manual, a tutorial or a short micro-course. No matter what format the knowledge is distributed in, the purpose is to guide and empower the person to perform and learn a new tasks in a more efficient way.

Organizations that successfully implement a strategy for learning in the flow of work can save as much as up to 5 hours per week and employee. These huge savings in both time and cost is what has put the strategy in the spotlight for both small and large organizations. So how can you use Skillboost to share knowledge in the flow of work? Here are 3 tips!

Printed QR-codes

Connect the physical world with the digital by printing QR-codes and apply them directly on the machine or place where work happens. People can then scan the QR-code with their phone to directly access the checklist, guide, or micro-course. Inside Skillboost you can generate a unique QR-code for each specific activity or hub that you want to share. Whenever you make changes in your content those changes are directly reflected and pushed to the same printed QR-code.


Are you collaborating digitally with your colleagues through Teams, Slack or some other communication platform? With Skillboost you can quickly share nuggets of information and knowledge to your colleagues by copy/pasting a sharing-link to a specific content or hub directly in your conversations. With just one click they can access it - no login barriers are required.

Searchable knowledge hubs

By creating topic based and focused knowledge hubs where you can gather everything from courses to manuals and resources from the web you can create your own internal Google of knowledge. You can base the hubs on a company level, a specific team, project, subject, or product. Finding the right knowledge or training is then just a quick search away!

These are just a few of the many possibilities available for organizations looking to make knowledge more accessible in the flow of work with Skillboost.

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