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The flexibility of Skillboost truly allows people and teams from any part of your organization to take advantage of the platform's capabilities and share knowledge - the way they want.

Can use Skillboost to create self-serve content and knowledge bases.
Can use Skillboost to introduce new colleagues in the workplace.
Can use Skillboost to create interactive courses and academies.
Can use Skillboost to quickly get information out to large target groups.
Can use Skillboost to inform and support sales people and engage customers.
Can use Skillboost to help each other by sharing their knowledge and information.

Create in minutes, not days.

Productivity, design and collaboration combined into one environment to help fast-moving teams to create and share beautiful content in minutes.

Quickly create and share content with pre-made and customizable templates for different situations.

skillboost templates

No previous experience is needed, simply drag and drop responsive blocks to create your content.

skillboost content editor

Working remotely is here to stay. Collaborate on projects as a team, no matter where you are.

collaborate as a team in skillboost

Create micro-courses how-to guides interactive checklists presentations compliance training product trainings blended courses written articles release notes event pages knowledge bases academies anything...

Create onboarding programs to quickly introduce new colleagues and customers.

onboarding content template

Create micro-courses and nuggets of information that can quickly be consumed on any device.

microcourse content template

Support people in processes by creating interactive, shareable checklists.

checklist content template

Guide people at the point of need and in the workflow by creating how-to guides.

Create responsive presentations and quickly get information out to anyone, anywhere.

presentation content template

Take your courses and workshops to the next level. Add interactivity, certificates, and more!

blended courses template

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