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With our intuitive content editor anyone in the organization can share what they know by creating digital courses, guides, checklists, articles and presentations.

knowledge sharing made easy
Learn and level up Maria

I can highly recommend Skillboost if you want to engage subject matter experts and the organization in creating and sharing content.

Maria Karlsson
Founder – Learn & Level Up

Create in minutes, not days.

Sharing knowledge needs to be productive, agile and collaborative. With Skillboost, fast-moving teams create and share beautiful content in minutes.

Quickly create and share content with pre-made and customizable templates.

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Simply drag and drop responsive blocks to create your content.

skillboost content editor

Collaborate on projects as a team and include subject matter experts.

collaborate as a team in skillboost

Create microlearning courses how-to guides interactive checklists processes policies user manuals presentations

Knowledge can be shared in many different ways and formats. With Skillboost you can create everything from courses and guides to checklists and presentations, within the same editor.

Create onboarding programs to quickly introduce new colleagues and customers.

create onboarding

Create bite-sized learning packages and short nuggets of information.

create microlearning

Digitize and take your training to the next level. Add interactivity, certificates, and more!

create elearning courses

Secure processes and support people in the workflow with interactive checklists.

create interactive checklists

Guide people in the workflow by creating how-to guides and manuals.

create performance support guides

Create responsive presentations that can be consumed on any device.

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