Sharing knowledge should be easy.

That's why growing small and mid-sized businesses choose Skillboost as their hub for onboarding, training, and supporting people in the workflow.

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Streamline your business

Organize and grow your business with ease by capturing, sharing, and accessing, all your team's knowledge, information, policies, and processes - under one roof.

Qualitatively onboard new people and get them up to speed quickly.

Employee onboarding presentation

Train and certify people with courses, microlearning, and academies.

digital course in skillboost

Convert daily operating procedures and workflows into searchable how-to guides, checklists, and manuals.

Digital checklist in skillboost

Share information about the company, organization, products, and policies.

create presentations

Create in minutes, not days.

Productivity, design and collaboration combined into one workspace to help fast-moving teams to create and share beautiful content in minutes.

Quickly create and share content with pre-made and customizable templates.

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skillboost templates

Simply drag and drop responsive blocks to create your content.

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skillboost content editor

Collaborate on projects as a team and include subject matter experts.

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collaborate as a team in skillboost

Reach out at scale.

Reach out with your courses, guides and presentations to one person or several thousand - without having to pay a fortune.

share your courses and guides to anyone anywhere

Discover Skillboost

The first platform for onboarding, training, documentation, and performance support that your whole team can use to share knowledge!