Customer story

From an office in the living room to having two offices in Stockholm and Malmö. The Swedish marketing agency Social Zense has grown quickly during the past years. This is how they manage to go from just two founders to over 15 employees in a structured and productive way by sharing knowledge across borders within the organization.

Briefly introduce Social Zense!

Social Zense is a Swedish marketing agency that are specialized in performance marketing. We help customers in all industries achieve growth and results through social media campaigns, Google and Microsoft Bing.

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What is your role at Social Zense?

I founded Social Zense a few years ago together with my colleague Sanna Nohren, we have shared responsibilities in the company but Sanna is more sales focused while I take the operational part as CEO.

Social Zense have grown rapidly since you started 5 years ago, what has been the biggest challenge with this?

When you expand the business, it quickly becomes difficult to scale up the workflows and ways of doing things as you did when you were only 3-4 people. You can no longer be available to everyone in the same way, so you have to find new ways of creating a supportive and productive environment. One part of this has been to document our processes and make them accessible for everyone in the organization. In this way, people can search for guidance when they feel stuck or not quite sure of how to manage a certain situation.

Kick-start the digitization of your onboarding, training and knowledge sharing today.

How do you work in the organization today to create structure and efficiency?

Today we have around 15 employees divided into two offices, one in Stockholm and one in Malmö. We have always worked digitally and remotely with our customers, so it has been natural for us to incorporate the same way of working internally. We regularly have Google Meet meetings, communicate frequently in Slack and use Skillboost to structure processes and share knowledge. With this suite of tools we are covering the triangle of interaction, agile communication and accessible knowledge.

Any tips for those who are at the very beginning of digitizing their knowledge sharing?

Think small, get started step by step and try to divide the work in the team. It is very easy to get stucked in the planning stage for far too long. If everyone in the team is given the task of posting two or three things in the knowledge hub, you are quickly gathering a good foundation that can continuously be optimized.

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