Truly scalable and flexible.

No barriers

Forget about low engagement because of log in barriers. In Skillboost you can choose on each guide, course or presentation if they should be private, require loging in or be completely open for anyone to access - no account needed.

Sharing skillboost content

Reach anyone, anywhere.

Directly share to users and target groups in the platform.
Share with internal or external people via custom email invitations.
Share the content link in conversations, posts, or on the website.
Connect the course, guide, or checklist to a QR code.

Create hubs for different occasions

Make relevant content easy to find by creating private or public portals called "Hubs".

Create personal hubs for new employees, teams, or groups of users.

Personal hub

Create hubs to gather all relevant information and training around a product, subject, or project.


Let people browse through libraries of courses and learn at their own pace by creating academies.

Academy hub

Create internal or public knowledge bases with self-serve content.

Customer help center

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