Knowledge sharing made smooth

Fast-moving and modern teams need to be able to share and make knowledge accessible to different audiences. With Skillboost you can smoothly share to colleagues, partners, current and potential customers.

Links and QR codes

Increase engagement and give quick access to guides, policies, courses, and presentations by sharing links or QR codes that does not require log-in, whether it's via email, the website, in conversations, or directly where work takes place.

Direct and email invites

Directly share your guides, policies, courses and presentations to users or defined target groups in the platform. You can also target external people by sending out email invites.

Make knowledge searchable

Make the relevant knowledge and answers easy to find with searchable knowledge bases that can be linked directly in the flow of work, the intranet, website or just accessible for specific users, departments and more.

Continuous Learning

Empower people to continuously upskill themselves with easy access to training content and certificates in academies.

Discover Skillboost

The first platform for onboarding, documentation, training and performance support that your whole team can use to share knowledge!