This is our mission

After working as consultants within the industry for more than a decade it was clear to us that something had to change. As efficient knowledge sharing became more and more critical for organizations of all sizes most systems were focused on just solving digital communication and collaboration.

As the pandemic hit the shift towards digital happened overnight, and everyone from small startups, to retail chains and larger organizations, had to find completely new ways of working. While the transition to digital communication and collaboration was rather smooth digital knowledge sharing lacked behind and stays a big challenge for many organizations.

Knowledge is hard to find, it is scattered and lost in an ever-growing pile of siloed channels, resulting in huge losses of productivity, potential, and time.
The need for scalable and efficient models for sharing and making knowledge accessible is truly greater than ever. 

As we move into the coming decade organizations are forced to shift their focus to ”How can we make the most out of what we have”. Efficiency, productivity, and being an attractive employer will have to be at the very center of focus for companies that want to position themselves at the forefront of their industries.

At Skillboost, we have a clear mission of supporting these organizations by positioning knowledge sharing at the very center of our work life. We want to make it easier, more efficient, and accessible to everyone, no matter what your business does, or how it operates.

Do you want to join us on our mission?

We are currently looking to expand the team with multiple roles!

Sweden, Malmö
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Digital Content Manager

Sweden, Malmö
Office & Remote

Product Marketing Manager

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Frontend Developers

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Backend Developers

Bitola, Macedonia

Internship: PHP/Laravel developer