Today we have some really exciting news to share! But first let me start with a quick introduction for everyone who just recently got in contact with Skillboost:

With Skillboost...

we are on a mission to boost organisations productivity by increasing their ability to effectively share and make knowledge and information available.

Our vision...

is to provide the most powerful and easiest all-in-one workspace for creating, maintaining and sharing knowledge and information digitally.

Skillboost workspace

As we consume more and more information on a daily basis we are quickly moving away from large and static content/courses that take a lot of time to create, maintain and attend into bit sized information that should be available anywhere, at the point of need.
To meet this demand, a completely new breed and set of tools is needed. It is our dedication and goal to support all of you (our boosters) in this transition into a more flexible and integrated future of knowledge sharing.

With this said, it is our great pleasure to announce that we have just recently closed a new fundraising round that will enable us to more quickly elevate towards the next generation knowledge sharing platform! We are excited to welcome First Gate Invest and Zeedr as investors and strategic partners on the journey to come.

The future will be all about efficiency, accessibility and creating value. So what can you expect from the next generation of Skillboost?


A recent study showed that with the tools that are available today, it can take up to 100 hours to create 1 hour of self produced e-learning content. This sounds much, but the truth is that most organizations and people do not have the means or professional experience to effectively produce content and end up spending way too much time on producing and too little time on actually optimizing and measuring the value outcome.

Producing and maintaining qualitative content should be a fast, easy and flexible process that allows you and your colleagues to create more, in less time. 

In the coming year we will put major effort into building the most powerful, easiest and diverse content builder on the market. Anyone, no matter what previous experience they have, should be able to produce professional content and work with multiple different engaging formats and premade templates that suits their every need, no matter if they want to create a bit-sized course, an instructional guide, a step-by-step checklist, a presentation or a blended event.

Engagement & Analytics

Efficient knowledge and information sharing is business critical. Therefore it is equally critical to be able to measure and analyze the value outcome of your learning content efforts.

The who, what and when is just the beginning. Being able to measure what works, how it is used, what needs to be updated and how it can be optimized is equally or more important.

The coming generation of Skillboost will work as your analyst and provide valuable insights that will both save you time and optimize for value outcomes.


Traditionally e-learning content has always been placed and reached from isolated portals and environments like different LMS platforms. Today and in the future to come, knowledge, instructions and informational content needs to be integrated, available and easily accessible directly at the point of need, wherever work takes place, no matter if you are working on the production floor, in a shop, out on the field, in the office or training partners and customers. It has always been our mission to provide new ways of sharing your knowledge content, but now we will be able to take it further and fully integrate with your environments, applications and processes.

This is a few of the things that you can expect us to work on in the near future. It is just the beginning and we are looking forward to continuing our journey together with you, all our boosters that are using Skillboost daily to share knowledge to colleagues, partners, customers, members and students.

Without the trust and faith that you put in us none of this would be possible, so from all of us at Skillboost we want to sincerely say thank you!

We will keep you further updated on activities, news, progress and release dates during the year to come!

If you have any questions or want more information, please do not hesitate to contact me at

I'll see you in Skillboost!

// Theodor - Founder & Product Manager​