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Simple, fast & scalable.

Your all-in-one digital workspace for creating, maintaining and sharing knowledge and information.


Produce engaging digital courses and micro courses.

Instructions/ Guides

Create digital guides and searchable knowledge bases.


Present new policies and other important information that require certification.

Professionally simple

Combine more than 20 different content types when you produce your courses, guides and presentations.

Interactive presentations

Image and text

Surveys & Polls

Interactive videos

Interactive questions & challenges

Q&A sections

and many more...


Create a unlimited amount of courses and guides - without paying more.


Invite colleagues and create content together.


Update and change content in real time.

Flexible sharing

Depending on your target group, different sharing strategies may be needed. In Skillboost you can choose how you share/ invite people to your content.
use skillboost and teams

Direct invite

Directly invite people that is already registered in your workspace.

Shareable link

Share your courses and guides anywhere by copy/pasting the shareable link.


Let people that are joining your activities for the first time self register with their email to take part of the content.


Share directly in Skillboost or through the channels you use daily, e.g. Teams, Sharepoint, Google or Slack.


Analyze who has joined, what they have gone through and what they have answered on questions.

Live meetings

Include access to live meetings directly in the course feed. Participants can join the right meeting, at the right time by just clicking a button.

A smooth experience

Integrate Skillboost with your current systems to create a seamless experience for your employees. With our SSO integrations, users can access content and jump between the systems without having to log in.

Simple pricing

With booster licenses, you can freely create and share courses, guides and presentations.









All plans are offered as yearly subscriptions with flexible payment plans.

Ett verktyg för all er interna och externa kunskaps- & informationsdelning.