Scalable digital training

Easily share knowledge to colleagues, partners or customers at scale by creating engaging e-learning courses, microlearning nuggets and blended learning events.


Easily create courses from scratch or choose from one of our pre-made templates. Seamlessly convert your knowledge into interactive content and control the experience by adding rules to the course feed. Ones participants completes the courses they will be able to download a personal certificate!

digital training in skillboost
microcourse content template


Create short, topic-based, videos or articles to share knowledge packaged as small nuggets of microlearning content that are both easier and faster to create and consume, compared to traditional e-learning courses.

Blended learning

Mix on-demand content and quizzes with live-sessions in your webinar platform of choice to create a perfect mix of a blended before, during and after course experience.

blended courses template

Create in minutes, not days.

Create and share beautiful courses faster than ever before. Seamlessly collaborate with colleagues and subject matter experts as a team.

Quickly create and share courses with pre-made and customizable templates.

Simply drag and drop responsive blocks to create your content.

skillboost content editor

Collaborate on courses as a team and include subject matter experts.

collaborate as a team in skillboost

Flexible and scalable sharing

Modern teams need to be able to share and make knowledge accessible to different audiences. With Skillboost you can truly share to colleagues, partners, current and potential customers, without any friction for you or the person you are sharing to.

Increase engagement

Give quick access to courses by sharing links or QR codes that does not require log-in, whether it's via email, the website, in conversations, or directly where work takes place.

Share quickly, at scale

Directly share your courses to users or defined target groups in the platform. You can also target external people by sending out email invites.

Track the progress

Dig deep into the details and track completion, number of attempts, visits, and much more on an individual participant level.

track participant progress

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