Effective employee onboarding

A qualitative employee pre- & onboarding is critical. Make sure that everyone gets the same introduction to your business, has access to the right information, and gets up to speed quickly!

Present your business

Introduce new employees to your business in a personal way by giving them an in depth understanding of how it all started, your mission and vision, what you stand for, your products or services, and more!

Employee onboarding presentation

Introduce the role

Give a detailed overview of the persons new role in your business, what is expected of them, their tasks, and colleagues they are going to work with, even before their first day at work!

Share your playbook

Introduce new hires to your business playbook and give them easy access to your unique way of working, policies, and organizational structure.

digital training in skillboost

Train and certify

Get new employees up to speed, productive and compliant in days instead of weeks by giving them the knowledge they need through trainings, micro-learning nuggets and certifications.

Support in the workflow

The first few weeks and months in a new company can be overwhelming. By making information about processes, workflows and how to perform tasks easily accessible you are creating a productive environment where the person can do their best work with confidence.

support in the workflow

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