Create optimal conditions for new employees

It takes an average of about 6 months before an employee achieves full productivity. By creating an optimal environment where your new employees have access to all the necessary knowledge and information, you reduce the time to productivity dramatically.

But how can knowledge and information be made more easily accessible?

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Start before day 1

The period between the signed contract and the first working day is valuable time that must not be lost. A whopping 28% have at some point accepted a job and then backed out before they started. It is often right after signing that the new employee is most curious and excited about their new job. Take advantage of this by sharing information about the company and the person's new role and their co-workers even before the first day.

Appoint a mentor

Creating relationships and learning from your new colleagues is very important regardless of whether your organization works remotely, out in the field, or in an office. By appointing a mentor/onboarding buddy, you are creating relationships from day one, and a relief that you do not have to constantly turn to your manager for general questions.

Provide guidance

The first period can easily become overwhelming as you meet new people every day, you try to take in new information and learn new tasks. By making important information, work processes, and guides easily accessible to the new employee (and your team as a whole), you create a safe and more productive environment where the person can contribute with value faster and perform a quality job.

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