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Create, deliver, and maintain training content in a hybrid world.

When the pandemic hit almost all of us were forced to change the way we work. For teams creating training and knowledge sharing content, this has presented huge challenges that could previously be solved by just being closer to each other. But it's not just the pandemic and working remotely that is driving the change and need for a more collaborative environment. More people such as subject matter experts and managers being directly involved in the process of creating content and ever faster-changing information is also impacting in a major way.

At Skillboost we are strongly betting and believing in a future where everyone in the organization has the possibility to share what they know by easily creating and sharing qualitative content. This will require deep and flexible collaboration possibilities between individuals, teams, and departments. Unlike most authoring tools on the market, we have had the fortune to build the whole workspace from the ground up to match the needs of modern and fast-moving teams.

Here are a few ways your team can collaborate in Skillboost.

Create content together

No more fumbling in the dark when you are several people involved in a project. In Skillboost you can collaborate in real-time by visually seeing everyone that is actively working in the activity, and what they are editing.

Communicate and give input

By creating project threads connected to the course or guide you can easily discuss, share input, and give each other feedback within the team, directly in the workflow.

Collect resources

With threads you can also collect project resources and files connected to the content in one unified space. You can even invite subject matter experts and allow them to upload and share files.

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