Advantages of documenting the knowledge in the organization

All companies are unique, they have their own ways of working, their own experiences and strategies. However, these are often difficult to scale up and when it's time to grow, it can quickly become messy and difficult to maintain quality. That's why companies turn to platforms like Skillboost to create a common surface where documentation of workflows, information and knowledge can be gathered in one place.

But apart from enabling scaling, what other benefits are there to continuously documenting the organization's knowledge?

a group of people listening to their mentor
Quicker onboarding of new employees

The first time in a new workplace or in a new role can be overwhelming. Even if you go through with the person how work tasks should be carried out, it becomes easy to forget or not be completely sure what should be done in a certain situation. By giving the person easy access to short guides, checklists, and processes that explain how various work steps should be carried out, you create a safe environment where the new employee becomes more productive faster and can perform their work in a qualitative manner.

More efficient and qualitative work

Even the smallest processes can create major headaches if not followed properly. By documenting your most important workflows and processes, you create security for everyone involved and you can avoid unnecessary mistakes. It will also be more efficient for the individual who is to perform the work step as you don't have to ask someone else for help with questions (if there is even someone available at the time...)

Nurturing of competence

By continuously documenting how you work, you create a unique blueprint of how the business, the various departments and individuals work. This not only allows for reflection and optimization, but also creates a kind of archive of how you work. By including your subject matter experts in the work, you ensure that at least some of their skills and experience can be transferred to current and new employees.

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