6 ways companies are using hubs

Say goodbye to scattered content and hours of searching for relevant knowledge and information. With hubs, you can easily gather all training, guides, files and work-docs in one organized and searchable space. In Skillboost you can create an unlimited number of hubs no matter what paid plan you are on, but how and for what purpose are our customers using them?

1. Onboarding

They are making it easier for new colleagues to get up and running by gathering all the important information, training and know-how they need in on place.

onboarding hub - skillboost
2. Internal academies

They are creating internal academies for everyone to see, just a department, or a group of people. In these internal academies, they gather courses created in Skillboost as well as external resources from the web.

Internal academy - skillboost
3. Partner or customer training

They make sure that their partners and customers are up to date with the latest knowledge and information by creating either private or public hubs where all the information, content and training around a product or services can be found.

partner hub - skillboost
4. Personal hub

They are creating private hubs where you can collect all the interesting links, articles, videos, and resources you find out on the web!

personal hub
5. Team hubs

They are creating spaces where their team's can gather, organize and easily find all the content, information, and work documents they need to do their daily work in a productive and quality-assured way.

team hub- skillboost
6. Topic-based hubs

They are creating topic-based hubs where you can share interesting resources and knowledge around a certain topic or subject!

topic based

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