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The 3 most common ways of using Skillboost

As a complete platform for knowledge sharing our community is using the platform to create onboarding programs, how-to guides, presentations, courses, and everything in between. But, what is the most common ways they are using Skillboost?

1. Onboarding new colleagues and performance support

Many of the organizations that are using Skillboost are growing rapidly, either organically or through mergers. With Skillboost, they can easily introduce and get new colleagues up to speed by creating onboarding presentations, searchable how-to guides to support them directly in their workflow and checklists to secure processes.

2. Creating knowledge bases and help centers

Creating knowledge bases with how-to guides, checklists and microlearning content for different topics, departments and even customers is something we see in companies of all sizes. No matter if you are a small startup, scaleup, or enterprise, it is equally valuable and important to have a central place where people can turn to quickly find answers and gain new knowledge instead of getting stuck.

3. Training and certifying people

Similar to the second point we are seeing companies of all sizes having the need to continuously upskill and certify their staff. Examples of this are companies with field workers, restaurants with strict hygiene requirements, and larger organizations with internal certifications. In Skillboost they are creating courses of all lengths with added navigation and completion rules. After successfully completing a course the learner can download a personal certificate from the platform.

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